Should Your D2C Strategy Include Product Sampling?

If you run a D2C (direct-to-consumer) business, inveigling your prospects to make purchases is everything. For that, you have a variety of marketing strategies and materials, ranging from online Google ads to in-store discounts and more. But product sampling can be the secret weapon you havent yet unleashed.

This guide will explore the benefits of using product sampling in marketing campaigns and how to offer customers these samples.

What is product sampling?

Product sampling is the marketing practice of offering sample products to your target audience.

For example, say you run a visitor selling fitness drinks for athletes and exercise enthusiasts. Many athletes will only put things in their persons if they know they can trust those products (and the products provide them with real results).

Product sampling in eCommerce

Getting consumers from that market to try out your trademark can be tough, particularly if its in the first few months of your D2C businesss life. However, you can potentially convince those consumers by giving them a self-ruling sample of your fitness drinks/shakes.

Then, once those consumers try your product, they wilt convinced that its right for them and voluntarily make future purchases. Think of product sampling as an investment for the future income you hope to proceeds from your customers.

Product sampling is often used in retail businesses, as its easy to provide self-ruling samples to patrons who walk through the door. However, product sampling can be used in many variegated industries.

Many tech companies unquestionably once practice product sampling in this way, offering self-ruling trials or unbelieve periods to convince on-the-fence buyers of the worthiness of their products. Take Instamojo for example. Not only can you sign up for free, you can moreover ask for a refund without 14 days of a subscription if you are not satisfied.

A medical software visitor might offer medical clinics access to their patient liaison software via a self-ruling trial so they could test it with their patients.

The Benefits of product sampling

Theres no denying that product sampling is an important part of modern marketing and consumer outreach.

In fact, approximately 35% of customers are increasingly willing to make purchases without having had a sample of a specific product.

But what advantages might your trademark see if it starts offering product samples to its target audience? There are three big benefits to consider.

1. Boosts trademark awareness

Firstly, product sampling can lead to significant boosts in trademark awareness. When your merchantry is just starting, maximizing trademark sensation is vital. Without all, you want your target regulars members to be enlightened of your trademark and to consider shopping at your store instead of a competitor.

Through product sampling, increasingly people try your products and see your trademark logo, imagery, and packaging. In this way, not only do you potentially get a new customer, but you moreover get some uneaten marketing for free with product sampling.

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2. Increased Likelihood of Purchases

The primary goody of product sampling is an increased likelihood of purchases from customers who try your stuff. If your trademark offers sample products, those customers might be increasingly likely to buy those same products in the future.

There are good reasons for this. For one, people are increasingly likely to buy something that theyve once tried once before. Theyre moreover likely to buy something that gets a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Here is a short piece that discusses the powerful effect of word of mouth marketing for new businesses.

If you requite your products out as occasional samples, those who try those products (and like them) will be much increasingly likely to return to purchase them later.

Even better, they could be inspired to tell their friends and family well-nigh your business, which is an invaluable benefit, expressly for startups.

3. Chances to gather feedback

Lastly, product sampling allows you to gather constructive feedback from your target audience.

Getting consumer feedback can be difficult, plane in the weightier of times. But if someone approaches your retail sample sedentary or tries a sample product some other way, you can ask that consumer for feedback on the sample right then and there.

Many customers will be delighted to provide their feedback and opinion on sampled products, expressly if they know the product in question is still stuff developed. They might like the feeling that their feedback is taken seriously.

Ask for feedback via quick surveys or short notes to maximize engagement.

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How to offer samples to customers online

There are many variegated ways you can offer samples to your customers. For example, if you run a retail location, have a small sedentary or station set up near the archway to the store. Then have one of your employees offer self-ruling samples to your customers as they enter or exit the location.

This is particularly good if you have a merchantry offering perishable goods, like supplies and beverages, which is why many restaurants and grocery stores have sample stations.

But what if your D2C merchantry is online? In the eCommerce world, you can still offer product samples by including them in purchased products shipments.

Say that you have an eCommerce store selling skin superintendency products. Each time a consumer makes a purchase, include a self-ruling sample of a new or up-and-coming product in the package.

That way, you take wholesomeness of the fact that you are once shipping something to a customer, plus guarantee that they will take a squint at the product and requite it a shot.


Product sampling eCommerce

This is a stellar strategy to expand the product preferences of your consumer wiring and uplift trademark sensation for new products you plan to launch in the future.


Every trademark that wants to be successful should try product sampling at the primeval opportunity. Whether you providesamples to online or retail customers or both, product sampling can help you capture new consumers, spread your trademark far and wide, and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Try offering product samples today to see the whilom benefits for yourself. Exciting to put this marketing strategy to work? Sign up on Instamojo, the one-stop D2C tech visitor for all your eCommerce needs.

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