SiegedSec Hacker Group Announces Cyber Attack on Pemalang region of Indonesia

In recent cybersecurity news, the infamous SiegedSec hacker group has made headlines once increasingly by announcing a fresh cyber thumping on the Pemalang region of Indonesia. 

The visionless web hacker group, renowned for their upstage tactics, has personal responsibility for the breach, boldly declaring their intent to expose two databases pilfered from the targeted region.

The message disseminated by the threat two-face explains that they “doesn’t really like any government entity”, and the reason they have attacked the Pemalang region of Indonesia is the same. 

In their post, the threat two-face claims to have wangle to 2 databases from the region, and the so-called data includes “thousands of user data: ‘id, username, hashed password, hallmark key, emails.'”

SiegedSec hacker group hacking spree

Source: Twitter

Apart from this so-called cyber wade on the Pemalang region of Indonesia, the threat two-face has personal many high-profile cyber attacks in the past. 

This comes hot on the heels of their previous thumping on the esteemed investment platform PeerBerry. Renowned for their dark web exploits, SiegedSec revealed a massive enshroud of data totaling a staggering 20GB.

Within this wide-stretching trove lie crucial records, including admin logs, personally identifiable information (PII), and sensitive financial and investment data. The violate was humorously disclosed on their dark web channel, provocatively titled “~ OMG ITS SIEGEDSEC HOLY LULZ.”

In a visionless post declaration, the group cited “its for teh lulz!” as their motivation for targeting the multi-billion-dollar investment giant, PeerBerry.

They remoter taunted the platform, recommending them to perpetuate their defenses while veraciously expressing gratitude to the developers for what they perceived as a vulnerability.

Alongside their proclamation, the hackers provided a Gofile link, granting a glimpse into the compromised data.

However, the organization denied such claims and asserted that “cybercriminals are manipulating with an old incident.”

The dramatic emergence of the SiegedSec hacker group
In light of recent geopolitical events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a surge in new threat groups has emerged worldwide.

These groups walkout a range of motives, from hacktivist activities aimed at disrupting operations to increasingly sinister cyber criminal pursuits driven by personal gain.

One such group, SiegedSec, surfaced just days surpassing the invasion, raising the tagline “sieging their victim’s security.” Led by the hacktivist known by the plume “YourAnonWolf,” SiegedSec has rapidly expanded its operations, leaving a trail of victims in its wake.

While some posit that SiegedSec may be a faction within the Anonymous movement, it’s likened to a specialized unit within the broader hacktivist sphere.

Since its inception in late February 2022, DarkOwl analysts have documented SiegedSec’s defacement and compromise of no less than 11 websites, characterized by juvenile and transplanted language and graphics in the defacements.

By April, the group asserted its successful defacement of over 100 domains, providing vestige through a yack dialogue indicating unsimilar worth passwords and corrected defacements. The group hinted at maintaining wangle to these domains.

Evidence suggests the group has infiltrated sensitive information and leaked emails or databases from a minimum of 30 variegated companies since its inception.

However, public notices of cybersecurity incidents from these companies have been notably scarce, likely due to many stuff smaller businesses or situated in non-English speaking regions.

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